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IMPORTANT: Holiday Party Update
Hi Everyone! 
If you are not attending our Christmas Party, I’m sorry for yet another email.  However, I’m happy to announce that we have finished our preliminary ticket offering and are now onto our lottery ticket sales.  For ALL those that have expressed interest in an additional parent/guardian ticket your wish has come true.  Although we have surpassed last years attendance mark, we once again are able to grant all your second ticket requests.
Additionally, for your convenience, I will be in the Woodbury cafeteria on Monday & Tuesday evening, from 6:00- 8:00pm.  Please make a concerted effort to attend one of these nights as we will not be selling tickets at the door.
Lastly, I know you have all been inundated with emails lately and for that I apologize. If there was a better or more simpler way to make sure we got our message out to all Rams members, by all means I would.  I promise this will be the last one you receive...at least for a while (lol).
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!!!!

by posted 12/09/2018
Holiday Banquet - Last Call For First Tickets

Good Morning Rams Family!

Last call for purchasing your first (parent/guardian) Holiday Banquet tickets! Please come visit Chris Homsey at the Woodbury Cafeteria on Thursday (tomorrow December 6) from 6:30-8:00!!! Don’t miss out on this great event! 

  • DATE: December 14 at 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • WHERE: Castleton (8 Enterprise Drive, Windham)
  • TICKETS: Each athlete is eligible for two tickets (one ticket at no cost to the athlete and one ticket at a cost of $28 for a parent/guardian). You MUST PURCHASE YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN TICKET THURSDAY (12/6) at the Woodbury cafeteria.
    • Once the purchse period has ended, any family that has RSVP'd/Purchased their parent/guardian ticket will be eligible for an additional ticket (to purchase) via a random lottery/drawing. While there is no guarantee that every athlete will be able to have two parent/guardians at the banquet, there is a good chance that a number of additional tickets will be available...But the goal is to ensure every athlete has the opportunity to attend with at least one parent/guardian.
    • There is no fee for athletes, coaches, board members or team parents (i.e. Team Mom), however you MUST RSVP in person at the Woodbury cafeteria Thirsday 12/6). If you have difficulty getting there, you may email

Once again, if you would like to attend the Holiday Banquet, all parents/guardians of athletes MUST purchase a ticket and RSVP their athlete. At that time, you can express interest in additional tickets.

Please let us know if you should have any questions - you can email

Thank you! Hope to see you all at the Banquet!

by posted 12/05/2018
2nd Annual Holiday Banquet (Tickets Available)

If you have difficulty viewing this email, please click here.

by posted 11/26/2018
2018 Rams Board Meetings

2018 Salem Rams Board Meeting Schedule:

*Note: All meetings will take place on Mondays at the Woodbury School Library at 7:00 pm

January 30 - Notes (to be approved/amended at February 19 meeting)

February 19 -  Meeting Minutes

March 26 - Meeting Minutes

April 30 -  Meeting Minutes

May 21 - Meeting Minutes

June 25 - Meeting Minutes

July 23 - Meeting Minutes

August 20 - Meeting Minutes

September 24 - Meeting Minutes

October 22 - Meeting Minutes

November 26

December 17



All members (parents/players) are invited and encouraged to attend meetings.

by posted 04/30/2018
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