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Salem Rams Annual Halloween Party


Salem Rams Annual Halloween Party

Friday, October 27th at 7:00pm
Location: Searles Castle 
21 Searles Road, Windham New Hampshire

The Salem Rams is hosting their second Annual Halloween Party. Event includes a costume contest, DJ, dancing, heavy appetizers, haunted room, live entertainment, photo booth, cash bar.

Costumes are not mandatory but encouraged!! 👻🎃💀🔮💃🏻🕺🏼🎉

Tickets will be sold at all home games.

Coaches can help you get admission tickets as well, or you can purchase them online below! 





Week 3 Calendar winners

Congrats to our calendar winners for October Week 3


Oct 16th. Kristen Keenen $20.00 IHOP GC

Oct 17th. Sue Ann Devine $40.00 Dick's GC

Oct 18th. Sam Zannini Bada Bing $40.00 GC (methuen)

Oct 19th. Stacey Mustapha $25.00 GC Heavenly Donuts

Oct 20th. Steriany Gomez $25.00 GC Margaritas

Oct 21st. Eurick Dorsett Starting Lineup Haircut by Ross

Oct 22nd. George Anderson $25.00 GC Market Basket


Please contact Sandra Galvez to claim your goodies! fundraisingcoordinator@salemrams.com

by posted 10/23/2017
Salem Rams Week 8 game results

Saturday Night October 21st

10u Salem Rams  31       Derry Demons    0

13u Salem Rams   30       Nashua Elks    0


Sunday October 22nd

8u Salem Rams   0      Derry Demons   20

9u Salem Rams    12      Derry Demons   7

12u Salem Rams   31    Hudson Bears    0

11u Salem Rams  33    Derry Red    0


Congrats to everyone on a great season, with all of our teams finishing with winning records for the first time in a few years, and (3) of our teams being playoff bound starting this Wednesday, with our 8u team headed to their Superbowl.

Their 2017 regular season team records as follows:

8u  6-1

9u  5-3

10u  6-1

11u  6-1

12u  4-3

13u  7-1 (final season)

by posted 10/23/2017
Salem Rams Flag finish the season UNDEFEATED + Halloween Party

The Salem Rams Flag team capped off an unbelievable season under first year coach Steven Quinn winning all (3) games today at their Flag Superbowl and finishing their season undefeated! Congrats to the little ones, and the future of our tackle program!!


Also, this weekend is the last opportunity to buy tickets for the Halloween Party at a home game. Tickets will be available at the apparel table at tonight's games, as well as tomorrow's games. Cash, as well as checks and credit cards will be accepted (with a transaction fee).


Finally, I know we ask alot from our volunteers for this great organization, and behind the scenes there's alot that goes into making every home game run smoothly. I'd like to ask again that you consider volunteering time at our concession stand that desparately needs help at this weekend's games, please let me know if you can assist in any time increment you have.


Good luck everyone this weekend and finish the season strong!


by posted 10/21/2017
NHYFSC State Competition Volunteer Hours

If anyone within the Salem Rams organization needs to complete volunteer hours there is opportunity at the State cheer competition on Sunday Oct 29th. The competition will be held at SNHU in Manchester. 

These hours will be a first come first gets it process. Below is the hours listed as available as of this morning. If you are interested in a spot please email me directly and I will confirm back to you if it is available and if not I will give you a up to date list on what is open as of then. 

Ticket sales

Gym doors, cheer entrance
6:45 -9:30
9:15 - 12:00
11:45 - 2:30 
2:15 -5:00

Warm ups
9:15 - 11:30
12:15 - 2:15
2:30 - 4:45

8 - 9:15

1:00 - 2:30
2:45 - 4:30


Please email VP-Cheer@salemrams.com if you are interested in a spot. 


This is open to ALL cheer and football families if your in need of some volunteer hours! 

by posted 10/19/2017
Salem Rams Week 8 games + start times


The Salem Rams begin their final regular season homestand this weekend as follows including one AWAY team vs AWAY team game we are hosting please read the times carefully:


Saturday Morning October 21st

Salem Rams Flag Superbowl schedule and times to be determined (please see Coach Quinn)


Saturday Night October 21st under the lights

10u Salem Rams vs Derry Demons Red 6:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D8

13u Salem Rams vs Nashua Elks 8:00pm with Salem Rams with Cheer D14 BLUE (final regular season game for this group of boys)


Sunday October 22nd

8u Salem Rams vs Derry Demons 8:00am No Cheer Assignment

9u Salem Rams vs Derry Demons 10:00am with Salem Rams Cheer Tinys

12u Salem Rams vs Hudson Bears 12:00pm with Cheer D14 RED

11u Derry Demons Black vs Londonderry Wildcats 2:00pm * (away vs away team)

11u Salem Rams vs Derry Red 4:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D10



If you are interested in helping out in the booth on Sunday we still have a few spots open with the scoreboard which is a fun, easy job, please let me know!

by posted 10/18/2017
CORRECTION Nominations for the 2018 Executive board

EDITED (missing content) thank you for everyone's patience as there will be many emails over the next 2 weeks.


Nominations for the 2018 Executive board are now open until Friday October 20th 2017 at 5:00pm sharp.


If you have someone you want to nominate for one of the open positions below please send an email to and secretary and copy on the email the person you are nominating on the email. Anyone who is nominated for a role has until Sunday October 22nd at 11:59pm to reply to all on the email and accept the nomination. Emails sent after the stated times above will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Please be aware of these time tables above, no submissions will be accepted after the times above.

Executive positions that are available are as follows along with new nominations made at this week’s board meeting. If someone is nominated for a position below you can still nominate a different person.


We always encourage different people going for the same position.


Treasurer current nominations: Leo Martin


Secretary  current nominations: Stacey Gonyea


VP of Cheer current nominations: Sam Smith


VP of Football  current nominations: Matt Toupin; Willie Santiago


Director (3) different positions: current nominations: Kim Clements, Jason Dailey, Sam Zannini


Football Coordinator: current nominations: Johnny Mcdonald


Cheer Coordinator: current nominations: Stacey Chance


by posted 10/17/2017
Salem Rams Cheer Tri-Tournaments results


This past Saturday October 14th 2017 was the 1st of 3 Tri-Tournaments for our Salem Rams Cheerleaders. Congratulations to all 5 teams who competed! A special congratulations to Div 8 who placed 3rd, as well as Div 14 Red and Blue for taking home 1st place trophies in each of their divisions!


Good luck to all of our teams who are going to take on the 2nd competition in the tri-tournament this upcoming weekend on Saturday October 21st 2017 at Cheer Xplosion which will be held at Concord High School for anyone interested in attending!



by posted 10/17/2017
Calendar winners for October Week 2

Congrats to our calendar winners for October Week 2


Oct 9th. Jathan Overton $50.00 Dick's GC

Oct 10th. Maria Dalomba  $25.00 Black Water Grill GC

Oct 11th. Amber Bennett   $25.00 Chocolate Moose GC

Oct 12th. Jon Lahey $40.00 Dick's GC

Oct 13th. Kevin Mahoney $30.00 Kathryn's Confections GC

Oct 14th. Jen Fitzgerald $25.00 Elizabeth Grady GC

Oct 15th. Janel and Chris Weiner $25.00 Home Depot GC


Please contact Sandra Galvez to claim your goodies! fundraisingcoordinator@salemrams.com

by posted 10/16/2017
Salem Rams Week 7 game results

Week 7 scores are as follows


Saturday Night October 14th under the lights

12u Salem Rams 0    Pelham Razorbacks  32

13u Salem Rams 0    Pelham Razorbacks   6   (*overtime)


Sunday October 15th

Salem Rams Flag   W   Norrock Vikings L

8u Salem Rams   19  Pelham Razorbacks   0

9u Salem Rams  6   Pelham Razorbacks  19

11u Salem Rams   27   Pelham Razorbacks  0


10u Salem Rams BYE week


If you are interested in helping out in the booth our final home weekend with the scoreboard October 21st and 22nd, please let me know!

by posted 10/16/2017
Salem Rams Week 7 games + start times


The Salem Rams open up a 2 week homestand this weekend as follows:


Saturday Night October 14th under the lights

12u Salem Rams vs Pelham Razorbacks 6:00pm No Cheer Assignment

13u Salem Rams vs Pelham Razorbacks 8:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D14 BLUE


Sunday October 15th

Salem Rams Flag vs Norrock Vikings 8:00am

8u Salem Rams vs Pelham Razorbacks 9:00am with Salem Rams Cheer Tinys

9u Salem Rams vs Pelham Razorbacks 11:00am with Salem Rams Cheer D8

11u Salem Rams vs Pelham Razorbacks 1:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D10


10u Salem Rams BYE week


If you are interested in helping out in the booth this weekend with the scoreboard which is a fun, easy job, please let me know!

by posted 10/11/2017
2017 PICTURE DAY is this Sunday October 15th 2017


Sunday October 15th 2017 (times below)

Photos will be taken behind Woodbury on the lacrosse fields


Save time & hassle - Pre Order at the above web page.  No paper order forms or money to deal with on picture day!

For all information & your team's schedule, go to...


On the top right corner is a button that says "ORDER HERE"

Click on "Sports Orders"


(please ignore the date on the order form)


Picture day schedule is as follows below. PLEASE ARRIVE 30 minutes prior to your team time.


Team                     Game Time                 Picture  Time

Football 8U           9:00AM                      7:30AM (arrive by 7:00AM)
Cheer Tiny            9:00AM                      8:00AM (arrive by 7:30AM)
Football 12U         none                            8:30AM (arrive by 8:00AM)
Football Flag         8:00AM                      9:00AM (arrive by 8:30AM)
Football 9U          11:00AM                     9:30AM (arrive by 9:00AM)
Cheer D8             11:00AM                     10:00AM (arrive by 9:30AM)
Football 10U       none                             10:30AM (arrive by 10:00AM)
Football 13U       none                             11:00AM (arrive by 10:30AM)
Football 11U       1:00PM                        11:30AM (arrive by 11:00AM)
Cheer D10           1:00PM                        12:00PM (arrive by 11:30AM)
Cheer D14B        none                             12:30PM (arrive by 12:00PM)
Cheer D14R        none                             1:00PM (arrive by 12:30PM)

by posted 10/10/2017
Salem Rams Week 6 game results + calendar winners

The Salem Rams had their final regular season road games this weekend, results are as follows:


Salem Rams Flag    W        Londonderry Black    L

8u Salem Rams   13         Windham    12

9u Salem Rams   8        Windham    12

10u Salem Rams    0      Windham    12

11u Salem Rams   32       Windham    0

12u Salem Rams   18       Merrimack Cardinals   19

13u Salem Rams   32       Windham    0


The Salem Rams host a tough opponent in week 7 as we host the Pelham Razorbacks next weekend. Times and assignments will be posted later this week.

Congrats to all our coaches and players on another great week!


Calendar winners for October Week 1


Oct 1st. Jason Dailey  Bada Bing GC $40.00

Oct 2nd. Beth Homsey  Dicks GC $50.00

Oct 3rd. Chris Hudson  Starting Lineup Haircut by Ross

Oct 4th. Alysha Donovan  99's GC $25.00

Oct 5th. Eurick Dorsett Chili's GC $25.00 (Andover location)

Oct 6th. Melissa Raistrick  Tbones GC $25.00

Oct 7th. Phil Breton Mary Anns GC $25.00

Oct 8th. Janel and Chris Weiner Ralphie's GC $25.00


Please contact Sandra Galvez to claim your goodies! fundraisingcoordinator@salemrams.com

by posted 10/08/2017
Salem Rams Week 6 games + start times

Salem Rams Week 6 games and cheer assignments for this weekend


The Salem Rams are on the road this upcoming weekend, please read below carefully for your team info:


Sunday October 8th Londonderry High School

Salem Rams Flag vs Londonderry Black 8:00am

(see Coach Quinn for exact field specifics)



Sunday October 8th Veterans Field Merrimack, NH

(parking at YMCA next door is best and walk through woods to field)

12u Salem Rams vs Merrimack Cardinals 12:00pm No Cheer Assignment



 Sunday October 8th Windham High School

8u Salem Rams vs Windham 8:00am with Salem Rams Tiny Mites

9u Salem Rams vs Windham 10:00am with Salem Rams Cheer D10

13u Salem Rams vs Windham 12:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D14 BLUE

11u Salem Rams vs Windham 2:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D14 RED

10u Salem Rams vs Windham 4:00pm with Salem Rams Cheer D8


If anyone has any questions, please contact me. Have a great week and we'll see you all this weekend!

by posted 10/04/2017
Salem Rams Week 5 Sunday game results


Salem Rams Week 5 Sunday game results


For the 2nd time in 3 weeks the Salem Rams did the unbelievable and went for a clean sweep on the weekend winning every game.


 Sunday October 1st

Salem Rams Flag   W      Derry White   L

8u Salem Rams  32      Laconia  13

9u Salem Rams   32     Laconia   0

13u Salem Rams   32      Milford   0

10u Salem Rams  28      Milford   0


The Salem Rams will hit the road for the final time in the regular season in week 6 across several locations. Congrats everyone on a great week!

by posted 10/01/2017
2017 Salem Rams Game Schedule has arrived!

The 2017 Salem Rams Football and Cheer game schedule is now out. Please keep in mind games may also be played on Saturday night's depending on age group and home vs away. Specific game times will continue to be posted the week of each game.

The condensed schedule with all teams can be found here: http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/2284/63717.pdf

Individual master schedules including all towns and matchups for each age level can be found here: http://nhyfsc.org/Page.asp?n=42153


*Please Note: Game Opponent, Date, Time & Location Is Subject To Change Up To 72 Hrs. Before Kickoff*

A special note from Rams President Chris Homsey about this early release of the schedule....

As promised, below is the football and cheer schedule for the entire 2017 season.  Although I am excited to share the schedule with all of you, I do so with tempered enthusiasm.  Everyone needs to be aware that the state has the ability to alter the schedule if they should encounter any unforeseen problems.  I was told these changes can and have occurred within 72 hours prior to that weeks game time start.  The order of which the games will be played is as follows: 8U - 9U - 13U - 12U - 11U - 10U.  As of now we do not have set times due to the fact that we are waiting to hear back from other cities and towns on their Saturday night availability.  As soon as I hear back, you all will be the first to know. 


Thank you for you patience and understanding! 


Chris Homsey 

President, Salem Rams Football and Spirit

by posted 08/18/2017
IMPORTANT reminder about parking at NEB fields

IMPORTANT reminder about parking at NEB fields


Please be advised when picking up, dropping off, and staying for practice at the North East Boulevard Fields to ONLY use the parking lot at 28 Northeastern BLVD. There is no parking allowed in the small lot on Brookdale, including live parking for pickup under any circumstance.

Please do not use the lot at the barn on Brookdale Avenue for any reason. Also, please also DO NOT park along Brookdale Avenue outside the gate.


If you have any questions or confusion about where to park at the NEB fields, please contact us info@salemrams.com


Thank you in advance!




by posted 08/08/2017
REMINDER 2017 Salem Rams Tag Days/Canning

As a reminder the Salem Rams annual MANDATORY Tag Day Fundraiser has begun and there are additional dates if you have not signed up for this mandatory fundraiser.

Please remember that this is one of our most important fundraisers for the league and everyone is REQUIRED to participate in order to receive your volunteer check back, no exceptions. As mentioned we've begun a new process for selecting your own time slot to volunteer for. With everyone juggling schedules we felt it would be an improvement to let you select the time slot that fits best for your schedule.

Please use the following link: www.volunteersignup.org/M8XMR

Please see the remaining times that are available at the link. Times and dates are limited and participation is mandatory. You can then select the time slot that will work best for you. Once you locate a time slot that works, you will then have to enter your email address, your child's first and last name, as well as a phone number that we can reach you at the day you will be tagging.

Select Agree and Sign Up, and you will see a confirmation page. If you have multiple players please then click  "back to sign up sheet" to sign up more players. You will receive a confirmation email almost immediately after you sign up. Reminder that reservations of time slots are first come first served, so please go ahead and select your slot ASAP to ensure you get the time that works for you.


On the day of your Tag Day assignment, please report to the back of the Woodbury School parking lot 20 MINUTES PRIOR to your start time.

by posted 07/17/2017
Volunteer for our bylaw committee need DUE BY 12:00 noon Tuesday

The Salem Rams are looking for a volunteer for our bylaw committee.


This is an extremely important volunteer position that will help shape the Salem Rams organization for 2017 and beyond. If you're interested in helping please submit your name before 12:00pm on February 14th via an email to  

by posted 02/13/2017
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